overview of system functionality

System Functionality locked

How The System Functions

Creating a Voucher Safe


The Resulting Login Protocol

This is described in detail here.

Voucher Operations


Making a Payment


Picking up a Payment, Generating a Receipt


Reversing a Dropped Payment


Closing a Voucher Safe


End Note

Because there is no actual Issuer defined yet, in the demonstration system the VP interfaces only to test Issuers. The @voucher-safe.org network has three faux Issuers: TESTGOLD, TESTUSD, and TESTEURO. The latter two are not yet available, since the VSC has some built-in dependencies and assumptions about digital gold. The @vouchi.com network has a test Issuer called, appropriately, TESTING. None of the vouchers or tokens from these TEST* Issuers represent any real value; they are purely for test and demonstration purposes.

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